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Manufacturing & Service for Textile Machine & Parts

Customized Knitting Machine System Support
Specialized in large circular knitting machine WAC data & related system troubleshooting, supplying electronic elements at the most cost-saving budget

Circular Knitting Machine Parts
Offers a full line of knitting machine parts & accessories; Decades of knitting machine parts manufacturing & supplying experience…

Serve for Small Businesses
Stick to serving small businesses in the textile machine & parts fields at the most cost-friendly prices and superb convenience

A Variety of Servicesto Support Your Machine and Parts

Customize Small Batch Electric Parts
Offering brand new electronic boards, electronic devices, and various accessories which support your circular knitting machines rum well in good condition.

Customize Small Batch Mechanical Parts
Always stick to your needs and budget, covering various key mechanical parts that are worn out from your warp or weft knitting machines

Customized Engineer Tech Supports 
Provide repair and maintenance services for machines manufactured during the last thirty years, including spare parts for old machines, as well as mechanical and electronic technical problems related to socks and pantyhose production.

Your Source for
Different Types of Machine Parts

Help you with any kind of spare parts request for old warp, weft knitting machines, solving mechanical and electronic technical problems … More

20+ yrs of expertise offering knitting machine assembly, testing, and troubleshooting based on WAC data system, such as software, boards, parts, weaving error diagnose … More

You may have electronic boards from the machines which is produced from 30year ago, our technician brings productivity back to your machines … More

Customized Textile Machine Solution for Your Requirements

Since most of the knitting machine brands are from different countries including Italy, Japan, the UK, Germany, etc. With the time passing by, these machines are running out of the quality guarantee period. High maintenance fee is a heavy burden for most knitting factories.

Our knitting machine parts are the right alternative for your knitting machine parts replacement.

Not only your trouble with knitting machine parts can be fixed here, but also you can find knitting machine troubleshooting solutions from us too. One of our experienced support team will be your knitting factory tech backup.

You can find key knitting machine parts for different brands of knitting machines like Lonati, Fukuharam, Terro, Matec, Rumi, Matec, Ange, Karl Mayer, Conti, Santoni, Sangiacomo, Colosio, Orizio. etc from us.

Whether your order is big or small, it will be handled carefully and ensure the knitting machine parts are satisfied by your factory or your customers.

Contact us now and Let’s see how well we can serve you.

Your Overwhelming Choice

Project Support

Our experienced support team will be your firm backup

Strict QA System

We strictly execute the QC process at each step of the manufacturing

On-Time Delivery

IN-house fabrication guarantee a just-in-time assignment delivery

R&D Support

From prototype to bulk order, overall support is guaranteed

Series Production

All the machine and parts processes shall be coordinated perfectly

Team Work

We will check and adjust your project parameters in our calibration laboratory and work with you as one team

These Industries

Components for Circular Knitting Machines for Technical Textiles

HeighTronics has been a leading manufacturer &  supplier of spare parts and accessories for large circular knitting machines for decades years. Whether you are a large-scale knitting factory or small business owner, Heightronics always supports the best prices.

Quality Injection Molding Services

Decades of years of injection molding experience in moving you from prototyping to the on-demand manufacturing stage, with the most affordable and cost-saving budgets. Nylon injection molding, plastic injection molding, metal injection molding, and more… Quick Solutions to make your products idea into reality.

Premier Casting & Finishing with Expertise

Heightronics aims in making small engineering parts lighter and more precise, so as to serve different industries such as automobile manufacturing, textile machinery brands, medical devices, lighting, firearms, small engines, etc. across the global market.


High Performance OEM Replacement Parts

Carries high-performance parts for almost any need in textile machine parts. Keeping your machines looking and performing at their best by replacing the worn parts times is an effort that can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Expert Design Team offers Customized Engineering Solutions

You can find OEM and quality aftermarket parts according to various textile machine brands. Even if you have requirements in OEM parts manufacturing, our support team can deliver custom power electronics and integration solutions for you.

Small Batch customization Service

You may be a small-scale textile machine & parts dealer or a start-up. Maybe your headache is how and where to import small batch parts, or in trouble bringing an old machine back to life. here we offer you the solutions at affordable prices yet with comprehensive support.

Send Us Your Inquiry


    Hi, we are one of the leading knitwear manufacturers in Malaysiz, we have 5oo+ circular knitting machines.  Some of those machines are worn out, we are facing continuous errors alarm from the machine, which caused a lot of weaving flaws on the fabric. Our running orders are seriously effected by the machine. Can you guys offer tech support for that?

    Yes. You have come to the correct place for seeking help.

    Our experienced technicians can help you out.

    Send us the error images or video, we will offer remote tech support for you. We will help you find out what exact errors happened to the machines, from electronics, software or specific parts.

    Call or email us for details.



    Do you have MOQ requirement for your knitting machine parts

    Thank you for choosing us from so many knitting machine parts suppliers both in China and the world market. Basically, we have no MOQ required for standard parts.

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