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Sangiacomo Circular Cutters

Made of high-density stainless iron, strict pre-treatment Process; Significantly enhanced metal hardness, higher and better wear and corrosion resistance.
Find all types of saw-blades, shaft knives from stock. support your single-cylinder, double cylinder sock knitting machines. Various  dimensions of circular cutters from different manufacturers and suppliers.

Sangiacomo ML005331 Circular Cutter 3 3-4”x2Divx46Teeth(4)
3 3/4”x2Divx46Teeth ML005331
Sangiacomo ML005332 Sangiacomo Circular Cutter 3 3-4”x4Divx46Teeth
3 3/4”x4Divx46Teeth ML005332
Sangiacomo ML005346 Circular Cutter 3 1-4”x2Divx24Teeth (33)
3 1/4”x2Divx24Teeth ML005346
Sangiacomo ML005413 Circular Cutter 3 3/4”x2Divx23Teeth
3 3/4”x2Divx23Teeth ML005413
Sangiacomo ML005707 Sangiacomo Circular Cutter 3 3-4 ”x2Divx48Teeth (2)
3 3/4 ”x2Divx48Teeth ML005707
Sangiacomo ML010175 Sangiacomo Circular Cutter 3 3-4”x60Teeth(32)
3 3/4”x60Teeth ML010175
1 2 3 6

Sangiacomo Electronics Parts

Find here displays, touch screen, LCD screens, key-board, encoders at most competitive prices.
You can expect full-round support service from our experienced technicians electronic elements repairing, replacing or sourcing original OEM parts.
Tell us what you are sourcing, we will do the rest.

knitting machine parts Sangiacomo 005262 Seamless Machine Jumbo J3 Use Machine Head Lifting Board 005262 11
Sangiacomo Machine PCB Board 005262
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ETTASTSCS2000 Board
ETTASTSCS2000 Sangiacomo Board
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo G649D Display SCS -2000 Socks Machine Use G649D Orginal Display (1)2
G649D Sangiacomo Display
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ELMTPAPAS25 2
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo TRD-J500-1160 SANGIACOMOCOLOSIO encoders-1
TRD-J500-1160 Encoders
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo 6450R456 Motor
6450R456 Sangiacomo Motor
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo PCB SK005239
SK005239 PCB
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo 005515 Seamless Machine Jumbo J3 Use Actuators Board 005515.03 10
005515 Actuators Board
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo Socks Machine Use PQI DOM Industrial Dom 40 Pin DOM Memory Card 128M
Sangiacomo Socks Machine Use 40 Pin DOM Memory Card 128M
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo D4840337 stepping motor 1
D4840337 Stepping Motor
knitting machine parts D5840167 Motor
D5840167 Motor

Sangiacomo Knife

Find a comprehensive selection of high-quality parts for your Sangiacomo knitting machines.
Whether you’re a small workshop or a large industrial producer, we have the parts you need to keep your production line moving.
With our competitive pricing and fast shipping, you can trust us to be your one-stop-shop for all your Sangiacomo knife parts needs.

knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML000251 Shrft Knife 344
ML000251 Shaft Knife
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML000466 Sangiacomo Shaft Knife 5
ML000466 Shaft Knife
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML005333 Sangiacomo Shaft Knife -10
ML005333 Shaft Knife
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML005337 Knife with stem-9
ML005337 Knife
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML700566 Sangiacomo Shaft Knife-7
ML700566 Shaft Knife
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML701681 shaft knife-1

Sangiacomo Needles

FIND full range of SINKER, INSERT, SELECTOR PATTERN JACKS, HALF NEEDLES, PELERINE etc knitting machine parts for your factory.
As the crucial component in the knitting process, and the quality of the needle can significantly impact the finished product.

HTEC offers these knitting needles and more metal parts a made out of high quality stainless steel, plus years of manufacturing technique, which our mechanical knitting parts a match for any top-notch product of the kind.
Both China replacements needles, sinkers, jacks and original are available. Customized parts available upon request

knitting machine parts Sangiacomo 36.70 G064 sangiacomo, lonati links
36.70 G064
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo 43.70 G023 Double cylinder links 1
43.70 G023 Double cylinder
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo 71.70 N0257 HOFA 71.70 N0258 HOFA 71.70 N0259 Socks Machine Use Needles HOFA
71.70 N0257 HOFA 71.70 N0258 HOFA 71.70 N0259 Socks Machine Use Needles HOFA
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo 80.85
80.85 Needle
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo 92.70 G07, G08 & G09 knitting elements
92.70 G07, G08 & G09 knitting elements
knitting machine parts 152.40 H and 152.40 D
152.40 H and 152.40 D

Sangiacomo Sensors

Whether you are running a knitting machine parts business or owns large, medium or small knitting wear/fabric factory, you can always find the suitable sensor products for keeping your machine knitting without fail.

Here lists the proximity sensors for various functions of needle detection, yarn break detection, fabric edge detection , Pattern control etc. All of these sensors have been tested and qualified by the market over decades years.

Sangiacomo Yarn Fingers

Listed below are the yarn finger parts that are most in demand for Sangiacobmo series machines.  The yarn fingers play a vital role in ensuring the proper functioning of knitting machines, contributing to the production of high-quality knitted fabrics.

Choose any one from here, or send us your parts code and images to find the most cost-effective ones from reliable knitting parts manufacturing supplier. Supporting Sangiacomo socks & Hosiery machine, Sangiacomo seamless knitting machines etc.

knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML Yarn Fingers
Sangiacomo Yarn Fingers
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML670108 Yarn Finger (14)
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML700680 Yarn Finger (13)
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML800182 Yarn Finger (12)
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML800183 Yarn Finger (11)
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo ML800186 Yarn Finger (10)

Sangiacomo Rubber Ring

Below rubber ring gaskets are used in Sangiacomo series machines as sealing materials between the cylinder and the dial. The gasket provides a tight seal that prevents any leakage of air,  and helps to maintain the correct tension and pressure required for the knitting process.

Properly preventing the needles from snagging on the cylinder or the dial, which can cause damage to the machine or the fabric being produced.
Help to reduce noise and vibration during operation, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of knitting machines

knitting machine parts PC670347
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo PC670869 (17)
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo PC680029 (31)
knitting machine parts Sangiacomo PC680098 (22)
1 2 3 5

Knitting machine parts manufacturing suppliers

With over 20 years of experience in this field of textile machine parts, HeighTronics is cable of supplying full line of socks machine parts, warp knitting machine parts, weft knitting pats, flatbed knitting parts. All mechanical parts are made from long-history textile components manufacturing factories. The technicians are the elites who have served in this industry for more than 20 years.

You can reply on both for knitting machine parts manufacturing, supplying or sourcing. If you have any knitting machine weaving fault doubts ..such as related. We can give you necessary support from both products and technique section.

What Type of Sangiacom Machine You Can Support?

Sangiacomo Hosiery & Socks Knitting Machines

Sangiacomo FANTASIA 2V – Mono Cylinder – 156 gauges/needles 3.75in. (9.5cms)

Sangiacomo  ModelFANTASIA 1C LIN TOE – 76 Gauges/needles  3.75in. (9.5cms)

6 CUS Fantasia Mono Cylinder 124 Gauges/Needles – 3.75in. (9.5cms)

Sangiacomo – 4 CTA L2 LIN TOE – Dial Cylinder 108Gauges/Needle – 4in。(10cms)

Sangiacomo – 6 CUS RIB Dial & Cylinder 200Gaues/Needles 3.75in.(9.5cms)

Sangiacomo – FANTASIA 1C HI TECH Mono Cylinder – 132 Gauges/Needles 3.75in.(9.5cms)

Sangiacomo – FANTASIA 1C HI TECH – Mono Cylinder 168 Gauges/Needles  3.75in.(9.5cms)

Sangiacomo – FANTASIA 1C C.Linking – Mono Cylinder 112Gauges/Needles 3.25in.(8cms)


Sangiacomo single-cylinder

Sagiacomo tights machine

Sagiacomo panthhose machine

Sagiacomo hosiery machine

Sagiacomo seamless knitting machine


What are the differences between Sangiacomo's circular and flat knitting machines?

The main difference between Sangiacomo’s circular and flat knitting machines is the way the knitting is produced.

Circular knitting machines, as the name suggests, knit in a continuous circular motion, producing a seamless tube of fabric. This type of machine is ideal for producing items such as socks, tights, panthhose, and seamless garments, as well as smaller items like hats and gloves.

Sangiacomo offers a range of circular knitting machines includes pantyhose and sock machines, single cylinder machines, double cylinder machines, and knitting machines for medical applications. These machines can produce various types of stitches and designs, including rib, jersey, and jacquard patterns.

On the other hand, flat knitting machines knit back-and-forth in straight lines, producing flat fabric panels that can be sewn together to create a garment. This type of machine is ideal for producing items such as sweaters, scarves, and blankets, as well as more complex items like knitwear with shaping and texture patterns. Sangiacomo offers a range of flat knitting machines, including computerized machines that can program complex patterns and designs.

To recap, Sangiacomo’s circular knitting machines produce seamless tubular fabric, while their flat knitting machines produce flat panels of fabric that can be seamed together to create a garment. Both types of machines offer different advantages depending on the desired end product and can be used in a variety of knitting applications.



What is the average delivery time for your Sangiacombo knitting machine parts?

Most parts are ready in stock within 3~5 days delivery after payment confirmation.

A few Common Sangiacomo Knitting Machine Models
Machine Brand: SANGIACOMO socks knitting machine
Sock Description: MEN’S
Weight/dozen: 35.00oz / 992grs
1 sock knitting time: 2,50 minutes
Cotton Yarn used: 6/1s
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