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Circuit Boards For Knitting Machines


Santoni Lonati PCB 3819A HE 370370
Santoni | Lonati PCB 3819

PCB circuits for socks machine and seamless underwear knitting machines. Contact us for checking the inventory status. We will hep you out on saving your machine from shutdown

Display and Keyboard for Knitting Machines

Sensors for Various Branded Knitting Machines

Proximity sensors, proximity switches, LVDT sensors pressure sensors, temperature sensors, heat sensors, sensors & spare parts for (KARL MAYER, GRACO, SANTONI, LIBA, COLOSIO, MULLER, SANGIACOMO, WAC DATA, UNIPLET, CONTI, COMEZ, DAKONG, DAH HEER, MATEC, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, DORNIER, SOOSAN, TOYOTA, SOMET, VAMATEX, TOYOTA, ISHIKAWA, SULZER …)

  • HE 370370 WAC DATA Ceramics
    WAC DATA Ceramics

    Piezoelectric Needle Selector For Lonati Hosiery Machine fits WAC data system, both 2 & 3 Wire aavailable in stock. Good price, immediate delivery.

  • HE 370370 Needle Sensor for Santoni
    Needle Sensor for Santoni

    Quality Needles Sensor for  Santoni Seamless Underwear Machine. Item#0401425, for machine code SM8-TOP2, Diameter-7mm
    Proximity Sensor M8 | Mini Proximity Sensor (M5) avaiable in stock

  • Needles Sensor G1900612 for Lonati

    SKU: G1900612/D5920178; Weight as 8 Grams; These needle sensors are suitable for Lonati G615L GL615 GL616F Socks Machine series. great helpful for recognising the defective needles; sufficient stock for prompt shipment upon request.

  • BTSR Sensors

    SKU: yarn break sensor; BTSR type sensor

Mechanical Parts For Knitting Machines

  • WAC 3800 System Actuators

    Piezoelectric ceramics type actuators fitting WAC DATA system. Perfectly compatible with WAC original system. Much better prices, more stable quality, and much quicker service.

  • Lonati Actuator Cutters

    One of the most popular actuator cutters in the market. it is quite a mature product from our knitting machine parts range. Basically have sufficient stock on hand for quick delivery. Good price, and save your cost.

  • Loanti Saw Blades

    Various modes of saw blades are in stock. Experienced saw blade manufacturers directly offer quality saw blades at the most competitive prices. High precision molding manufacturing capacity makes our saw blades stable and durable for fitting various knitting machines.

  • Knitting Machine Needles

    Combine all Chinese-made knitting machine needles from our industrial concentration area. You can rely on us to find the most comprehensive needle for you whatever bulk order or small trial requirements.

  • Circular Knitting Machine Sinkers

    From Koen Libers to small batches of replacement sinkers for knitting machines, we are in a position to supply them. All knitting sinkers have been tested over time and are highly recognized by customers in different markets.

  • Ring Cutter

    Designed, engineered, and manufactured from precision mold processing plants with long and high-prestige, you may be assured to purchase quality and sharp ring cutters HEIGHTRONICS at very competitive prices and quick service response.

  • Air Pistons

    Various selections of air pistons, air cylinders, electrovalves, air filters for hosiery machines, universal spare parts for KARL MAYER, LONATI, LIBA knitting machine. factory in-lab tested,  low price, life long service

Solenoid Valve for Knitting Machines.

Made in China 15mm, 10mm solenoid valve, perfect for the Lonati hosiery machine, Santoni, and  Sangiacomo seamless underwear machine drive use. Unbeatable prices, Stable Prices.

  • 15mm Electro Valve D4900832

    SKU: D4900832. (middle) PIN Type

    24VDD  3.5W
    Quality electro valve for sock knitting machines, seamless knitting machines. replacement for Lonati original. Highly recognized by the user around the world

  • 15mm 9730041 Pneumax Valve

    SKU:S-3-15-9730041 replacing Pneumax same code
    24V DC, 2.3W, N.O

    Ideal replacement 15mm valves for Lonati, Karl Mayer, Liba knitting machine repair and maintenance. No MOQ is required for orders. Relatively low prices are suitable for all factories in the different country markets to cover your cost.


  • 15mm-3-L Solenoid Valve

    Plug and pull type 15mm, 2.30W, 24V DC, N.O

    Replacement parts for Pneumax-type electro valve, long-last working life, excellent resistance to high and low temperature, good sealing performance, and  impact resistance, low price for saving money

  • 15mm 9730041 Pneumax type Valve

    SKU: 9730041 | Pin type; 15mm-3-L  24V DC, 2.3W, N.O

    It is a type of qualified electro-valves for Pneumax type ones. Fits SANGIACOMO seamless knitting machines.  have been recognized by large number of users both in China and global market

  • 10mm Solenoid Valve D4840090

    SKU:D4840714 | wire w/plug type  24V DC, 1.1W  100%ED

    Widely accepted and used in different knitting machine manufacturers and knitting wear factories. Perfect replacement parts for machine repairs and installations. low price and quick delivery

  • 10mm Solenoid Vlave D4848140

    SKU:U8840016 Plug-pull type; 24V DC, 3/2  1.3W,  3/2 N.C  0~7bar

    Miniature valve D4840140 with big white plug for Lonati socks machines. Sufficient in stock for quick delivery. Very cost-effective replacement parts for knitting machine repairs, maintenance and installations

  • Small Valve U8840008

    SKU:U8840008 Plug-pull type; Wire with white end
    Double Cylinder assembly
    It is a type of valve with proven quality, the perfect replacement valve for original ones. Very price-friendly products which are affordable for all users. Fits knitting machines brand Lonati, Matec, Liba, etc.

  • Miniature Valve U8840004

    SKU: U8840004 | plug-pull type; wire with white narrow end

    15mm very compact solenoid valves for Lonati, Matec hosiery, and sock knitting machines. It is made in China with very stable quality yet unbeatable prices.  Ideally fit your repair, and maintenance cost-saving purpose

  • Miniature Valve G1920940

    Item: G1920940; Pin type, 24V DC, 0.3W

    Quality-prooved 10mm miniature valve for Santoni, Lonati, Karl Mayer knitting machines, hosiery machines, and circular knitting machines. Very compact dimensions, very low energy consumption, and low weight as 8 grams for fitting very tight room installation.

  • Solenoid Valve S-3-10mm

    Item#Matec 180-1704-00-9 plug-pull type;  24V DC, 1.3w, 0~7bar

    Fit for Matec sock knitting machine. Small dimensions and lightweight at 11 grams. low power consumption shows better reliability while keeping your machine high-speed running w/o failure over time.

  • 10mm Solenoid valve G2900631

    Item#G2900631  (lift)Pin Type 24V DC, 0.3W 0-7bar N.C

    Factory direct price, 20 years of market evaluation proves stable quality. fits for various branded sock, seamless knitting machines.

  • 10mm Solenoid Valve G1840207

    Item#D4840745 , (Middle) pin type, 24VDC, 0.3w

    Perfectly fit LONATI/SANTONI socks knitting machines.  More compact in size, has lower heat, and lower power consumption

Encoders for Branded Knitting Machines

  • Koyo Encoder for sock | circular knitting machines repairs
  • Lonati Goal Series G615 G615D Hosiery Machine Use Encoder G2840005
  • Lonati Goal Series G615 G616F Machine Use Sinker Motor G1840062

We Serve You with the Circular Knitting Machine Parts

We manage all aspects of development, sales, up to and including post-sale services for the actuators using piezoelectric elements, used on circular knitting machines, jacquard knitting machines worldwide.

Our experienced Heightronic technical teams are well-versed in installing, inspecting, and servicing a wide range of knitting wear factories since there is a large market of knitted products in China.

You can find a variety of circular knitting machine parts for the brands like  Mayer & Cie. ORIZIO, Tompkins USA, Pailung, Santoni, FUKUHARA, Terrot, etc.

We Serve You with the Socks Knitting Machine Parts

When you are looking to import sock knitting machine parts for your local market, Choosing the correct manufacturer or supplier is the first thing that needs to be taken care of.

You can find genuine-quality spare parts for most primary brand names manufacturers of socks machine, pantyhose machines,s and seamless circular knitting machines from Italy, Czech, Germany, China, Korea, etc from HEIGHTRONIC.

Relying on the largest Chinese market of socks machine repairing, installation & service experience, HEIGHTRONICS provides sales and service for knitting machine parts dealers, sale-agent, wholesalers, and factory technician teams at very competitive prices. 


Heightronics Co., Ltd has founded 20 years ago for serving to Textile industry. A wide range of knitting machine parts and replacement parts in stock for you to choose from.

Our knitting machine parts are compatible with the brand like Fukuharam, Terro, Matec, Rumi, Matec, Ange, Karl Mayer, Conti, Santoni, Sangiacomo, Colosio, Orizio.etc.

Maybe you are running your home knitting machines, maybe you are in the project of renewal of your knitting machines, maybe you are in the import business of knitting machine parts, it is a quite challenging work to find a reliable knitting machine parts supplier for your business.

From us, you will get an 18months quality guarantee and experienced knitting machine engineer support. You will be free of a headache to buy the knitting machine parts from us. For most of your knitting machine problem, you can “fix-it-yourself”.

You can find most computerized knitting machine parts from us, like piezo ceramics, Pneumatic Solenoid Valves, driver boards, etc.

In particular, we are strong in computerized circular knitting machine electronic system troubleshooting.

Heightronic Inc. has been supplying knitting machine parts over 30years. The knitting machine parts quality from us has been proved superior in the market by different area users.

All the repeat orders of knitting machine parts from buyers are not only the support for our product of knitting machine parts but also trust in our service.

All the knitting machine parts will be 100% tested before packing.

Regarding delivery, all the knitting machine parts will be shipped within 3days after payment confirmation.

Regarding the shipping method, we normally choose DHL/Fedex/ TNT/FDEX express door to door service depends on your knitting machine parts order requirements.

If you have different knitting machine parts from other suppliers in the market, we can do a combined shipment for you as well.

After knitting machine parts arrived at your side, most of your knitting machine parts related technique problems can be fixed with our help.

If you have any local custom restrictions on importing the knitting machine parts to your country, we may help you find a compromise way too.

If there is any knitting machine brand you can not find listed here, pls feel free to contact us for inquiry.

It will be our pleasure to take orders to make or source it for you.

Contact us now and let us work together to boom your business.

We Serve Following Knitting Machines...


ORIZIO, PILOTELLI, MAYER & CIE, TERROT, VIGNONI circular knitting machines;

STOLL, SHIMA flatbed machines;


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