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WAC 3800 system Kit 3

We offer full solutions of WAC3800 system kit update and repairing service. Our over 20+ experienced knitting machine engineers are well prepared to help you with any trouble-shooting for your machines.

WAC board 5

WAC data, WAC actuators, and necessary knitting machine spare parts. All of our WAC boards/ceramics are made from refined material and finished under strict workmanship & quality control processes.

WAC Data Actuator 8steps 2postion 0

Strictly age-tested WAC DATA actuator boards; 8-pin 2 wires & 8-pin 3 wires actuators both available from us. It features quick sensing reactions on machines and the most competitive price from the factory.

WAC Data Actuator 16steps 3postion 1

If your machine is facing WAC DATA actuator boards failure. Here is the right place for you to get the most cost-effective WAC DATA actuator. 16-pin 2 wire & 16-pin 3wire are available at moderate prices.

WAC Data Actuator Testing Kit 0

This is the handiest WAC DATA actuator testing kit you can find in the knitting machine parts market. It features of lightweight, compact design, quick actuator selector fingers failure finding/testing.

WAC DATA Systems PC boards 6

Seems many knitting machines will face the problem of deterioration. How to solve it. Find the WAC DATA sytem PC boards from us and full trouble-shooting solutions to save your cost and maintain profit now.

WAC DATA 3800 LCD Screen 4

It is one of the most consumable parts from WAC DATA 3800 electric parts list. Please always send us your machine codes and LCD screen code, we will help you get the quality replacement for save cost.

7 inch LCD Touch Screen 2

cost-saving LCD touch screen for WAC DATA3800 system electric parts replacement. We are confident we will be one of your most reliable circular knitting machine spare parts supplies and sourcing channels.

Koyo Encoder 1

KOYO encoder, one of the key knitting spare parts from us. It is compatible with installing on Lanati, Conti, Santoni, etc WAC socks machinery, WAC circular knitting machines. Factory price, quick shipment.

Actuator Cable 2

12-port actuator cable, 24-port actuator cable, 48-port actuator cable, 72-port actuator cable. Check out from us for more circular knitting machine parts. cost-saving and life-long trouble-shooting service.

Your Reliable and Competent WAC DATA Service Partner

WAC BOARD | WAC Data Service | Knitting Machine Parts

In the past 30 ~40years, there is plenty of knitting machines adopted the WAC data system as the operating system.  Most of the machine is facing system maintenance at an affordable cost.  Heightronic offers a full range of Wac Data services for all the knitting machines on the market.

Heightronics experienced technician team has worked with different knitting machine factories both in domestic and abroad for years. We have sufficient experience for any problem. We have our own internal product patch plug-in production line, which effectively guarantees the quality and output of USB Floppy Emulator products.

We have a development department with over 20 professional technicians.  You may rely on us to get technology updates and repairing troubleshooting for your old aged knitting machine which is equipped with WAC DATA system.  Our technician team has rich experiences in installing, testing, and repairing all sorts of WAC DATA circular knitting machines, WAC socks machines since CHina has such huge knitting production market.

Find us for replacing your WAC DATA parts and get life-long WAC DATA service. We are the solution you are looking for. Moderate price, Superior Service and Quick Delivery.