Heightronics offers a variety of WAC Data Actuator 8steps 2postion for your factory.

No MOQ limit, 24/7 service support and maximize your outputs.

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Heightronics supplies WAC Data Actuator 8steps 2position and other WAC data system parts.

WAC Data Actuator 8steps 2position is the main part of knitting machines. which helps the machine to fulfill the task of JACQUARD/ PATTERN knitting.

Heightronics has over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying WAC DATA parts.

Our data 8steps 2 potions actuators are good quality and durable.

If your WAC computer cannot function without WAC Data Actuator 8steps 2position.

We can fix the actuator for you or we give you a user manual guidelines on how to fix it.

The 8steps 2position actuator can be installed in a different knitting machines. The brands include: Lonati, Rumi, Terrot, Orizio, Mayer, Pailung, Kim Yung, Fukuhara, etc.

You can send us details about your machine brand and configurations. We will deliver the perfect actuator within 7 working days.


Our 8steps 2position actuator has been recognized by various customers from China, the USA, Africa, etc.

We also work hand in hand with various knitting factories. We help them identify and solve any problems affecting their WAC DATA system.

You might be facing any problems with your WAC DATA system in your factory. You can also send us an email and we will give you our professional assistant immediately.

Our knitting technique support team is qualified. All the 8steps 2position actuators are 100% inspected before packing for delivery.

OWe will fix your any inquiries for 8steps 2position actuator within 48hrs.

If you are seriously looking for 8steps 2position actuator and other knitting machine parts, please contact us now.

Save your cost, and increase your work efficiency with our high-quality WAC Data 8steps 2position actuator.

Contact us now, we will be highly honored to be your support team.